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Monday, 13 October 2008

Successfull transplantation of two arms

Plastic surgeons at a major hospital in Munich, Germany, have presented a patient to the public who had successfully recieved two complete arm tranplants (taken from a deceased donor) more than two months ago and who has been able to overcome repulsion of the new limbs since then.

The patient, who had lost both arms right below the shoulders due to an accident, had recieved the limbs in a highly complex plastic and neurosurgical operation, and over the ensuing months had been administered decreasing doses of immune-supppressive medication. He was also able accept the implanted limbs as his own, which is an important psychological prerequisite for the success of the treatment.

The most important development however still is to come: While the young man claims that he is feeling some tingling in the new arms, there is still no feeling or possibility to control in the implants. The tingling sensation shows however, according to the physicians, that the nerves have started to grow from the shoulders into the strange tissue. It is expected that it will take another one or two years until the patient will regain some feeling in the fingertips and even the possibility to move his hands.

It was the first time worldwide, that a transplantation of two complete arms has been tried and doctors are very satisfied with the outcome so far. Both the surgical and the immune-therapeutical problems have been mastered very well, and even the psychological assistance has successfull.

This new development in medicine shows the high standard of medical service that is available in Germany. While such sensational transplantations are still far from available on a routine basis, medical development does of course make novel treatments possible - also to international patients. Patient referral organisations like German Hospital Service will be happy to assist.

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