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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Fertility Treatment in Germany

Assisting couples to have babies is a very popular medical activity in Germany!

Starting in the beginning of the 90ies, reproductive medicine has gained increasing attention in the medical scene in Germany. Today, there are well over 100 fertility centres in Germany. While they are usually concentrated in bigger cities, it is also possible to find very qualified teams in medium size towns. Gynaecologists and specialists in reproductive medicine offer the full spectrum of up to date diagnostic and treatment strategies, often in close cooperation with other specialists, like urologists.
  • Menstrual cycle monitoring and diagnosis
  • Diagnostics
    • Investigation of fallopian tube functioning and patency (endoscopy, contrast ultrasound)
    • Investigation (spermiogram) and treatment of male fertility disorders, andrology, urology
    • Hormonal diagnosis of all male and female sterility-related factors
    • Human genetics
    • Immunological diagnosis and treatment
    • Polar body diagnosis (PBD)
    • Diagnosis of trace elements, harmful substances and allergies

  • Treatment techniques
    • Endoscopic treatment/operation of any disorders relevant to fertility (adhesions, endometriosis, myoma, uterine septum, etc.)
    • Homologous insemination (IUI)
    • Hormone treatment in follicle ripening disorders
    • In-vitro fertilisation/embryo transfer (IVF/ET)
    • Treating desire for children in patients with transverse spinal cord syndrome / paraplegia
    • Cryoconservation of gametes (sperm and egg cells) and fertilised oocytes
    • MESA/TESE (epididymal / testicular sperm extraction)
    • Microsurgical refertilisation, particularly after tubal sterilisation
    • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
    • Special strategies for high risk pregnancies
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Psychological counselling
  • Support groups: therapeutic one-to-one and group counselling on the topic of desire for children
  • Acupuncture as assisting therapy
Fertility centers are almost always organized on outpatient basiss, though they usually have a day clinic where patients can rest after strenuous procedures. However, as especially international patients will be advised to stay around for a number of weeks, the centers will cooperate with appropriate and attractive hospitals.
Fertility assistance is a medical area, where the general health insurance system in Germany generally will not cover the costs. So in this field, patients will usually have to pay the treatments privately. This has lead to substantial quality competion between the centers, and they have developed high levels of patient and service orientation aswell as attractive architectural ambiance.

International patients will profit from this and feel very welcome. Of course German Hospital Service Ltd. will be very happy to assist you to find the best center for your needs,