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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

University Clinic Magdeburg introduces World Innovation for Cancer Therapy

In January 2008, a medical team at the Magdeburg University clinic was the first worldwide to introduce an open, high energy MRI for micro-therapeutic oncological treatment techniques. The new MRI, which does away with the classic „MRI-tunnel“, gives the doctors free access to the patient, enabling picture-controlled interventions to bring micro-invasive instruments right into the tumors, providing excellent picture quality without x-ray exposition for the patient.

Modern cancer therapies are often very hard on the patients – physically and psychologically. Extensive surgery weakens the body and leads to long periods of recuperation. The new therapeutic approach, with micro-invasive instruments, is usually possible under local anaesthesia only, while these instruments bring the treatment into the centre of the cancerous tissue. Right there, from “within”, the tumor can be subjected to radiation or microwave heat, targeting the cancer tissue only but leaving the healthy surrounding organs untouched.

Hitherto, ultrasound or CT were used to guide such interventions. But according to the doctors at Magdeburg, the new MRI is far superior: This technique is specialized on making soft tissue visible, while X-ray based pictures are more or less confined to bones and similar calcium-containing structures. And the open design of the new machine enables the doctor to apply his instruments directly and under full control of high quality online pictures.

For the Magdeburg clinic, this is a „milestone in micro-invasive oncology”.

The city of Magdeburg is in the immediate vicinity of German Hospital Service, who will be happy to assist international patients if they wish to apply for this new treatment option.

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