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Saturday, 20 January 2007

What is the standard of Cancer treatment in Germany?

For international patients who need treatment regarding specific cancer conditions, German clinics offer a wide range of medical treatments and institutions.

For the rather frequent types of cancer, like colon, breast and prostate, the approach is usually a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemo-therapy. Hospitals are developing institutions called "centers", which combine the efforts of the different departments and ensure a treatment scheme which is carried out along agreed procedures, based on the consensus of all the faculties that have joined. Regular joint conferences discuss all the patients and define the medical strategy according to the guidelines of evidence-based medicine. A few of these centers, like "breast centers" or "intestine centers" qualify to undergo a special peer review process, for example by an institution called Onkozert, which awards them the label "Certified Center".

In these cases, if the condition is diagnosed early enough, the chances of completely curing the disease are frequently very good.

For the more rare types of the disease, special units in the big university hospitals have been established, where, for example, bone marrow transplants or special neuro-surgical operation techniques like the "Gamma knife" are a regular mode of treatment. Other clinics provide hypothermia treatment, special laser treatments for liver metastases or any other up-to-date therapy.

For all these big centers it is important to know, that they participate in the research for new cancer treatments by taking part in studies. So, if the patient agrees, it is possible to benefit from the latest developments, especially on the cancer drug sector.

Before this background, with the help of a qualified referral organisation like German Hospital Service Ltd., patients can be sure to find the best possible treatment for their cancer condition.

However, it must be understood. Even the best treatment procedure cannot promise to provide a cure to a cancer patient.

Especially, when the treatment starts too late, doctors will only be able to prolong the lifespan of the patient, while improving the conditions of life during that final stage.

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