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Friday, 29 December 2006

Hospital treatment in Germany

Hospital Treatment in Germany is an affordable, high quality alternative for patients who are looking for specific specialized medical help which is not available in their home country. There are over 2000 hospitals in Germany, offering all up-to-date treatments and procedures.
The quality of medical services is monitored by government institutions. The prices system is also defined by legislation, so pricing is reasonable - compared for example to US standards.
In order to find the most suitable hospital for a specific treatment, foreign patients should enlist the services of a patient referral company. German Hospital Service is such a company, offering assistance to English -and Russian-speaking customers.


leading hospitals said...

I am trying to comare between the serveis in Germany and in India. Obviously india is much cheaper ..
I guess Germany is higher quality ...

Jowi said...

I would agree with you. India is one of the countries which are going to be very interesting for medical tourism - and the prices are good.
But it might still be too early to agree on equal quality of service. Germany has a long tradition, not only of medical expertise but also of quality assurance systems and I am not aware of similar activities in India.